August 3, 2018

at 22:00



  • 20K ULTRATRAIL ROAD ADVENTURE 650 km- 14,500 m D + – top of crates at 2785 m.
  • 20K ULTRATRAIL MTB 700 km – 20,000 m D + – top coats at 2800 m.
  • 20K ULTRATRAIL ROAD EXTREME 1100 km – 25,000 m D + – top of cages at 2785 m.

The 20K is an amazing adventure!

From this year the adventure doubled, indeed triple!

The 20K will not only be an MTB adventure but it will also be an unbelievable trail with 2 paths for pedal adventurers on asphalt. The 20K Ultratrail Road Adventure and the 20K Ultratrail Road Extreme 20K is probably the most “highest” European MTB trail whose streets are often above 2500 m above sea level.

20k ultratrail

The 20k Ultra Trail is an epic that  will bring the adventurous bikers, riding theri own bike in total autonomy, throughout the territory of the Italian and French Alps up to the Mediterranean Sea. The main points of this incredible adventure
One stage – a single stage.
No support – no support means that participants can use only what they bring with them, or what they can find along the way.
Clock nerver stop – the clock never stops. It starts in Pinerolo, at the foot of the Alps, and stops on the beaches of the Ligurian Sea in Finale Ligure.

Live Tracking – as for the best trails in the world – like Great Divide, Transcontinental Race, Colorado trail and others – partecipants are constantly tracked and and their location can be controlled the real time online, so that anyone can see where the bikers are in every moment. The bikers themselves will be able to do the same with their own smartphone.

The real core of the vital spirit of a person has the passion for adventure. The joy of living comes from the encounter with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy of a constantly changing horizon, lying every day under a new and different sun … (cit.)

The adventure will starts August 3, 2018, at 22 o’clock, in Pinerolo (TO), at the foot of the Alps, famous for the finish line of various editions of the Tour de France and the Tour of Italy, and ends on the Ligurian Sea, near the French border, which will be crossed many times by the fearless rider during this trail. Pignerol_col Indescribable and exciting landscapes will be crossed, starting from the widespread woods in the first part of the itinerary, to the highest military roads in Europe, crossing mountain passes and fantastic singletrack, and diving in the beautiful Ligurian Sea at the end.

Logistics, gps navigation and self-reliance will be made even more difficult because of the passage in large high mountain areas where,  for several hours, the bikers could be completely alone with themselves, immersed in the wildest nature.

But at the very end, the effort give way to satisfaction and the pride to say “… I did it! I went througth the 20K!”