August 3, 2019


Registration opens genuary 07, 2019 at 21:00

The 20K Ultratrail raises the bar! More adventure … more emotions … more kilometers From the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc to the sea of Finale Ligure pedaling on the highest roads in Europe immersed in a unique and magnificent landscape.


  • 20K ULTRATRAIL ROAD ADVENTURE 750 km 14.500 D+

  • 20K ULTRATRAIL MTB 1000 km 23.000 D+

  • 20K ULTRATRAIL ROAD EXTREME 1500 km 26.000 D+

Start in Turin august the 3 in the morning

The 20K is an amazing adventure!

The 20K it’s an MTB adventure and also an unbelievable trail with 2 paths for pedal adventurers on asphalt. The 20K Ultratrail Road Adventure and the 20K Ultratrail Road Extreme.

20K is probably the most “highest” European MTB trail whose streets are often above 2500 m above sea level.

Start in  Torino

20k Torino

Monte Bianco

20K ULTRATRAIL bikepacking adventure

Col de l’Iseran

20k ultratrail unsupported bikepacking adventure

Col du Galibier

20k col du galibier

Altopiano Gardetta

20k ultratrail unsupported bikepacking adventure

Mount Ventoux

20k mont ventoux

Finale Ligure

20k ultratrail unsupported bikepacking adventure

20K ULTRATRAIL bikepacking adventure

  20k ultratrail

The 20k Ultra Trail is an epic that  will bring the adventurous bikers, riding theri own bike in total autonomy, throughout the territory of the Italian and French Alps up to the Mediterranean Sea. The main points of this incredible adventure
One stage – a single stage.
No support – no support means that participants can use only what they bring with them, or what they can find along the way.
Clock nerver stop – the clock never stops. It starts in Pinerolo, at the foot of the Alps, and stops on the beaches of the Ligurian Sea in Finale Ligure.
Live Tracking – as for the best trails in the world – like Great Divide, Transcontinental Race, Colorado trail and others – partecipants are constantly tracked and and their location can be controlled the real time online, so that anyone can see where the bikers are in every moment. The bikers themselves will be able to do the same with their own smartphone.