Art. 1 – Registration
 The20K ULTRATRAIL is a non-stop bikepacking event.

People of all nationality are elegible to the 20KULTRATRAILAIL. To be admitted to the 20K  you must have reached the age of 18
 at the time of registration and you must upload a medical certificate for competitive activity.

The medical certificate must be uploaded as soon as possible and in any case no later than the registration deadline on May 1st.

Non-Italian athletes must have personal insurance

Art. 2 – How to participate

the 20K may be raced in one of the categories:

  • SOLO unsupported
  • PAIR unsupported

The registration procedure and upload of all required documents must be completed by May 1st 2024. No registration will be accepted after this date.

In case you didn’t complete the procedure but paid the registration fee, it will remain valid for the 2025 edition.

No fee will be refunded after registration / payment.

Art. 3 – Start and Finish
 The start of the 20K ULTRATRAIL will be at 10pm on July 26th 2023 from Pinerolo (Turin – Italy).

The finish will be in Pinerolo.

Art. 4 – Track and navigation

The final gpx track will be sent by email about 14 days before departure. You must upload the track provided on a GPS device and follow it from start to finish.

The track must be followed entirely, without shortcuts or variations. If you leave the track, you will need to pick it up where you left off.

Any changes in the route during the event due to unforeseen incidents that make it impossible to proceed on the original route (temporary closure of a road, authorized events, etc.), will be communicated and agreed with the cyclists by the organization.

All participants will be equipped with a GPS localization system allowing to know their position in real time.

Art. 5 – Insurance

The registration includes a personal insurance for the duration of the 7 days of the event. After this date you will be considered on a free excursion.

Non-Italian athletes must have a valid insurance during the time of the event.

Art. 6 – Time limit

The maximum time to be a Finisher of the 20K ULTRATRAIL is 7 days.

Art. 7 – Check Points

There will be 3 check points on the route, automatically detected by satellite system.

Art. 8 – Safety Kit

For your own personal safety, in case of emergency or in case you lost the route, you must carry following minimum safety equipment for the duration of the event:

  • GPS
  • GPS TRACKER provided by the organization must be ALWAYS ON while riding. you can turn it off when you stop
  • reflective vest to wear in the evening
  • Emergency blanket
  • whistle or bell
  • mobile phone
  • type-approved helmet
  • white front light and red rear light
  • Extra – battery for your mobile phone and gps tracker, unless your bike is provided with dynamo hubs

Art. 9 – Tracker

Continuous use of the gps tracker provided by the organization is mandatory. You may turn it off when you stop. For the device a deposit will be required, which will be returned at the finish

After 16 hours of inactivity you will be considered withdrawn.

Art. 10 – Prizes

All participants will receive an race pack before departure, finishers will receive a medal, finisher t-shirt and finisher certificate.

At the end of the event, a list of finishers and times will be published.

Art. 11 – Correctness and fair play

Violations of the rules and unfair behavior may be sanctioned by the organization with exclusion from the order of arrival.

Art. 12 – Night stop

We know how beautiful it is to ride at night but we don’t want extreme and dangerous sleep deprivation so we have decided to impose a night stop of 4 consecutive hours but also to leave 2 nights free.

You can decide which nights to do, for example the first and last, or you can also decide to sleep every night.

Art. 13 – Passo della Cavalla time gate

Given the particularly impervious alpine territory there will be a time gate at the mouth of the Maira, before the ascent to the Cavalla pass, between 18:30 and 04:30.

Art. 14 – Final rules
 By registering for 20K ULTRATRAIL each participant declares:
 •  to have read and approved these regulations and to accept all
 parts of them;
 • to be experienced with GPS navigation; the route will not be signaled, monitored and there will not be safety spots or rescue personnel along the route;
 • to have gained experience in long journeys by bicycle, and in unsupported journeys (by category not supported);
 • to be aware of the possibility of encountering adverse weather conditions and of being able to orient oneself and cycle in the hills and mountains in such conditions;
 • not to be doping, or using drugs or medicinal substances that may alter their performance or lead to damage or danger for oneself or for others;
 • to be in possession of all the necessary material to take part in trails like
 this and to be able to ride the track requested by the organization independently;
 • to be aware that on the trail there may be incidents like: landslides, wind, rain, hail,lightning, fog, snow, ice, encounters with unattended or wild animals, falls, accidental collisions with other participants, with people in transit and / or with vehicles on the road sections and declares that he is adequately prepared to deal with emergency situations;
 • that all his equipment is in excellent condition and ready for use;
 • that the certificate of medical fitness issued to the Organization for cycling practice is valid according to Ministerial Decree 18/02/1982 and / or Ministerial Decree 26/04/2013 and issued by a Sports Medical Center or by a doctor;
 • to be in good physical condition and to have passed a medical examination for competitive cycling, providing the organization with the widest indemnity for any damage they may suffer as a result of their participation in the event;
 • to be responsible of their behavior during and after the event;

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