The 20K Ultratrail is an incredible adventure in total self-supported

These are the basic rules:

  • TRACK: Participants must ride the entire exact route indicated in the GPS track. 
  • SELF-SUPPORTED: all external aid is prohibited. Food and equipment must be either taken with or purchased by participants along the way. 
  • GPS: Each rider is responsible for the correct functioning of the GPS tracking system (charging the batteries of the GPS device)
    12 hours of inactivity are equivalent to disqualification
  • Helmet and lights and spot/gps tracker are mandatory (in addition to what is expressly indicated in the mandatory kit)
  • It is the participants’ responsibility to know the laws of the countries they are passing through
  • Participants must travel with the spirit of self-sufficiency and equality among all bikers.
  • Drafting is allowed, that is riding with other riders in groups or pairs.
  • BIKE: gravel bikes and mountain bikes are allowed and will be riding the same route. We recommend gravel with big tires (700×40 or 650×2.0).
  • TIME LIMIT: The deadline to be a FINISHER is 7 days. We will wait for you at the finish line until August 5th at 10 p.m. After that, you will have to self-certify on arrival.
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